I am about 28 weeks into my pregnancy and let me say, it is not easy nor pretty.

Not to say that I am not exciting about the bundle of joy in my belly. I am overly joyed and truly happy to meet my daughter. I am excited and looking forward to mother hood. The milestones, smiles, giggles, emotions, frustrations, obstacles, etc. that I will endure, I am ready to face.

The body changes that occurs during pregnancy did not hit me till my stretch marks resembled tiger strips. Though I am not insecure about the stretchmarks, I did not think I would have so many. My husband says it hurts him seeing my stretchmarks but he says he always will love me no matter. To be honest, as long as my daughter is healthy, that is all that matters to me.

Nursing school has been insanely hectic. But I have about six more weeks until I am done with my pre-requisites. I will be taking a break, about a seven months. So, my clinicals will resume next year in April because I want to bond and spend my time with my daughter.

Until next time,

Elly Lim